Itching for new Boots? Angry Itch Boots & Shoes Launch in March

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Posted on February 24, 2017, 9:17 am
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Five Pointed Star announces the launch of Angry Itch Boots and Shoe range in March 2017.

Inspired by the alternative lifestyle, music and fashion, the Angry Itch range of footwear is ideal for both everyday and that special outing.  Designed and manufactured in Europe, the new range of footwear will last you a lifetime.  It’s not the cheep Chinese product you often see on sale today, its made from soft whole leather, not the lower quality split leather either.  There is attention to detail not seen with many other brands on the market today plus they are soft and pliable making it comfy to bend your toes, even when new.

To view the range of footwear available please visit